The Santa Fe Film Office does a great deal.  However, there are a few things we DON’T do for legal and/or practical reasons. Among these are:

  • Accept unsolicited scripts.  These go right into the circular filing bin for legal reasons.
  • Assist in securing production finance.
  • Assist in securing distribution.
  • Assist in securing an agent, manager or other representation.
  • “Blast email” third party press releases or other announcements to media outlets or other mailing lists (We are considering a “bulletin board” page on our website where such material may be posted directly by third parties.  We’ll get back to you when the lawyers finish mauling this idea.).
  • Advocate for particular casting/talent or other production hiring.
  • Engage in other prohibited activities.  Drug smuggling, human trafficking, illicit collusion with foreign governments to interfere with elections…you get the picture.

Most of these are common sense restrictions; some are expressly prohibited by law (see the “Anti-donation clause” in the state’s constitution). That said, we are most certainly eager to assist you or your production in any other way we can. That’s our job. And that’s why we have been ranked in the top places in North America to live and work in the industry every year since 2016.