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From Dazzling Art to Striking Vistas, Experience Something Different in Santa Fe

Get to know one of America’s most historic, artistic, and fascinating cities

For those lucky enough to find themselves in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the possibilities are endless. A rich multi-cultural history is apparent in everything from the city’s distinct architecture to the myriad flavors and spices of its cuisine—influenced by a blend of Native American, Spanish and Mexican traditions, among others. Art has also played a central role in shaping the city’s cultural character, spanning from traditional crafts to contemporary works by world-renowned artists, like Georgia O’Keeffe. The area’s majestic topography and stunning vistas continue to beckon to intrepid travelers.

Nicknamed the “City Different”, explore why Santa Fe is a city unlike any other. From its legendary history and culture to its dazzling art and gallery scene to its award-winning cuisine, read on to learn how Santa Fe is a destination that delights in its contrasts.

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Santa Fe Named A ‘2024 Best Place To Live & Work As A Moviemaker’

This majestic wonder returns for the second consecutive year to the top of our list of Smaller Cities and Towns, and after a year of upheaval in the film world, one thing remains steady: We haven’t found another place with so many film opportunities per capita. … Hanging your hat in paradisiacal Santa Fe means…

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Santa Fe has been named one of Deadline’s “Hotspots”

Deadline’s HOT SPOTS is the first and only conference to shine a spotlight on Hollywood “HOT SPOTS” outside of Hollywood. Read more about the conference here

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Film industry figures say commissioner Jennifer LaBar-Tapia helps make Santa Fe great place to film

When a national magazine ranked Santa Fe the nation’s No. 1 small city in its listing of “Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker,” a part of the blurb was devoted to Jennifer LaBar-Tapia. She’s not an actor. But those who’ve worked with her say LaBar-Tapia is a hell of an ambassador —…

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Best Places to Live and Work as a MovieMaker, 2023

If we made a list of the Most Obvious Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker, New York and Los Angeles would lead it every year. They’re the film capitals of the world, unmatched in influence, opportunity and legend. So years ago, we retired them to our Best Places to Live and Work as a…

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Depth of Field

With season two of ‘Dark Winds’ wrapped at Camel Rock Studios, the first tribally owned film studio navigates industry standards and Indigenous sovereignty The entrance has the look of a David Lynch location—a Southwestern version of the Silencio from Mulholland Drive, or the midcentury-tinged Slow Club in Blue Velvet. Red and yellow tubes of unlit neon hang…

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